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Tekken Highlights

Here I show my Tekken Highlights. This might be amazing plays or buggy game logic thats funny and might have allowed me to win! Or lose...

Air Time!

Highlight is at 8 seconds (no audio forgot to enable it...). Here I give Marduk some additional air time!

Wall backflips!

This is a deadly tactic that I recommend to all Law players. When the opponent is against the wall, their chances to recover are significantly reduced allowing you to spam backflips for easy wins.

Heihachi used Headbutt... Not very effective

Unlucky Heihachi!

Excessive spamming gives you bad Karma!

Spamming should always be performed in moderation.

System Information

The footage was captured on my PC running a i5 6500 and a GTX 1060 6GB running Arch Linux. I used OBS to capture the gameplay and Proton to get the game running.